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The Future Of Jewish Detroit

In last month’s column, I claimed I found the future of Jewish Detroit, but did not reveal what it was. Curious?

Since my homecoming, I overheard many a lament for the closing of the Oak Park JCC, relocating what is arguably the fulcrum of Jewish life forever to West Bloomfield. My own family was one of the last Jewish holdouts in south Oak Park, once a largely Jewish community just north of Detroit, which thinned as Jews migrated even further north. In the present, it seems, Jewish presence in

Challenging Preconceptions

Let’s play word association. I’ll start. “Muslim-American Abdul El-Sayed.” What immediately comes to mind? Given the prevailing anti-immigrant, Islamophobic sentiment in this nation, I imagine it’s not the term “Governor.” However, Dr. Abdul El-Sayed is not only running for governor of Michigan, but he is also exceedingly qualified to hold the office.

Dr. El-Sayed is a double D (Detroit Democrat), a Rhodes Scholar, an Oxford Ph.D., a Columbia-educated medical doctor and former head of the Detro

the wandering jew – Joshua Lewis Berg

Back After Almost 30 Years … I’ve found the future of Jewish Detroit

“Detroit” is the answer I always give when asked where I’m from. Maybe I imagine claiming, for a fleeting moment, vicariously but completely undeserved, a romanticized “street cred,” conjured up by its reputation as a tough urban city. I know the follow-up question will inevitably be, “Detroit, really?” compelling me to explain the truth, that I actually hail from the suburbs and, during my adolescence, visited Downtown Detroi

the wandering jew … Nice To Meet You!

There’s an old Jewish saying, “Absence makes the heart grow fonder … and your Jewish mother work harder to bring you home.” Well, she finally succeeded and I’m back.

Now I begin the work of dispelling the “fake news” built up from 25 years of nachas shepping by my mother in my absence. I fully expect to be recognized on every street corner. “Hey, aren’t you the son who speaks three languages, acted on Broadway, traveled the world and read the entire Torah portion at his bar mitzvah?”


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